B. Premanand

The first experience which I had with the Agastya Naadi was in 1950's when one of my friend's approached one Poduval at Palghat who was specialising in Agastya Naadi.

He was in love with a lady of another caste. His family was worried and approached Poduval with the horoscope of the youth and the lady. The astrologer after getting answers to his questions went inside and brought a palm leaf and read it. He had told the name of both, their parents name, their age, their profession and told that they were made for each other and so no harm in marrying. It had surprised the bride and the bridegroom a lot as to how these informations were recorded thousands of years back by the saint Agastya. Later it was found that their names and their parents names were there in the horoscope and other details were collected through subtle questioning.

It was in 1980's that I could face an astrologer at Salem who specialised in the Agastya Naadi Jyotisham,.

Many members have questioned us to explain how the palm leaves could contain their information which was 100% correct but the prediction about the future many times did not come true. In 1980, a good friend of mine, a glass technologist who was the managing director of a glass factory approached me for a loan of Rs.3000/- as the glass factory was closed down due to heavy loss and making things worse his wife had to be admitted in a hospital for surgery and he was unable to pay the hospital bill and bring her back after the treatment. Having been my friend in business also and having helped me many times when I was in grave financial problem, I purchased a draft from my bank for Rs.3000/- taking a hand loan and gave him the draft.

He was so happy and told me that astrology is a science because the prediction by an Agastya Naadi Jyotish from Salem that a friend of his would help him had come true. I immediately snatched the draft and questioned him whether the astrologer had given my name as the person who would help him. He replied that though my name was not given, his prediction that a friend would help had come true. I refused to give him the draft and told him that some friend would help him there was no need for me to take a loan and help him. At any rate someone would help him. He wept and I could not bear his pain. I told him that if he would fix an appointment with the astrologer and let me know, I would come to Salem and hand over the draft to him. Due to necessity after returning to Salem he had fixed an appointment with him on the third day and an the specific day I went to Salem in the early morning hours, by my jeep. The lady doctor working in our hospital also accompanied me who was almost of the same age as mine and we had exchanged our horoscopes deleting our names and our parents name.

My friend took me to the astrologers home and he was very friendly and offered us coffee. In the meantime he was questioning the lady doctor and collecting information about her subtly. My friend had warned the astrologer that I am visiting him for testing him, and if he can prove to me the truthfulness of the Agastya Naadi Jyotisham it would be a great publicity for him. After asking a few questions and getting my answers, he went inside and brought a palm leaf and read from it my past life which was 100% correct, but the reading was made an a wrong horoscope that of the lady doctor.

He went an for about an hour and I was wondering how he could predict so much from the small palm leaf with a few inscribed lines, the lady doctor gave him the horoscope which she had in her hand. He put some questions and went inside and brought another palm leaf. Her name and her profession mentioned by him were correct. At this time she questioned him as to what was her speciality as a medical doctor and he replied "Gynaecology". She immediately corrected him that she was a paediatrician and he started interpreting gynaecology as something to do with child birth and so paediatrics also was included in the word. We could not suppress our laughter as he was making prediction an my horoscope and being an intelligent person he smelled that something was wrong. And the next sentence he read was that a person would now enter the room with sandals and the sanctity of the room will be lost and only after one week's purification rituals he should read further from the leaf.

At that moment I asked him to give me the palm leaf so that I could verify what he had read was there. He replied that if I read the palm leaf I would loose my eye sight. I told him that I would close one eye and read with the other one and to know the truth I do not mind losing one eye. I tried to snatch the palm leaf and II was warned that I would die if I touch it. I snatched it and found that there were about five lines and what he told last about loosing the sanctity of the room was not there in the palm leaf. His explanation was that others could not read what is written on the- palm-leaf is each alphabet contains many sentences and they could be deciphered only by intuition.

Thus he was exposed. If you would look at the thumb prints of all your friends, you will find that no two thumb prints match and they are different. Similarly it is not possible to match a person's name, his or her parents name, the girl or boy whom he or she would marry, the names of their children, names of their brothers and sisters, occupation, age etc., unless the astrologer has inscribed palm leaves numbering to, the world population and the persons who are already dead since the palm leaves were prepared by Saint Agastya. At present the population in India itself is 900 million, and the world population

There are hundreds of astrologers practising Agastya Naadi Jyothisham, and so each one of them should have that much of inscribed palm leaves. If you look at their collection, it would not come any near to the numbers, and even the space of their home would not be sufficient to store that much of inscribed palm leaves. Also to know where each one is stored!

The fact is that at the time of subtle questioning by the astrologers or by their stooges who also sit amongst you as persons who have come to read their horoscopes, the palm leaves are prepared and read. If you give a wrong answer, the reading also will be wrong. If you give another horoscope as yours the reading will be on you and not on the horoscope if they have collected information about you. Except the names and your profession, most of the things they tell about you, will not be on the palm leaf and what they read would, be general prediction which will be true to every one.

If Dorai Subbu Rathinam, Agastya Nadi Nilayam, 36 New State, Bank Colony, West Tambaram, Madras 600 045 or any other is prepared to read the palm leaves of 10 horoscopes which we would give him personally and if he would give 80% correct information from the palm leaves about them, and prove that what he had told is there in the palm leaves, we would accept that Agastya Naadi Jyothisham is a science. Before we hand him over the horoscopes he should take us to the room where the inscribed palm leaves are stored, and after going through the horoscopes he should pick out the 10 palm leaves and then allow us to read the contents. The correct information on these persons will be kept sealed with us in safe custody and will be shown after reading the palm leaves to compare whether what is written in the palm leaves are true.

Any one accepting the challenge would please write to us.

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