I read with Interest the answers given by you, and then I realised that the whole correspondence was due to my misunderstanding.

It was like this: In your article of 15.1.1996 you have shown that "even though you gave a wrong horoscope to the astrologer, he told your past 100% correct, and this showed that horoscopes have nothing to do with Nadi-Jyotisham. The astrologer merely repeated the details that were told by you in the answers given by you to the astrologer's few, questions", This is quite OK. I quote your words, "after asking a few questions and getting my answers, he went inside and brought a palm leaf and read from it my past life which was 100% correct!! I could not believe that: 1) In _a few questions and answers the astrologer could have learnt details of your past.

EDITOR'S COMMENT: All that he read from the palm leaf were based on the answers I gave to his questions. He has not predicted all that has happened in my life except such facts based on my answers.

2) Upon getting your answers the astrologer immediately went inside and brought a palm leaf on which the details were written.

EDITOR'S COMMENT: An accomplice writes down the information given on the-palm leaf.

3) You yourself would have supplied all the details to the astrologer:

EDITOR'S COMMENT: Yes he collects the information based on the answers given by me.

It now seems that this is what had actually happened.

In the case of the lady-doctor, you have mentioned that her name and profession were told correctly. This means that in a few questions put to her by the astrologer, she told him her name and profession (i.e. medical officer) - but did not tel1 him whether she was a gynec or paediatrician. The astrologer used his guessing power and told that she was a gynec - which was not correct.

I frankly admit that - I never imagined that both you and the lady doctor could have supplied all this information to astrologer by answering the "few questions" of the astrologer, - and now I-am .puzzled still more:

1) What was your object in disclosing all the information to the astrologer, and

2) how the astrologer could manage to prepare two nadi-leaves bearing all the. information In a matter of minutes. (I do not know how much time he took to prepare the leaves. You must be knowing it.)

EDITOR'S COMMENT: The answer given were on the basis of the questions put to me and to the lady doctor and not about the person whose horoscope he was going to read from the palm leaves. The person in the other room prepares the palm leaf on the basis of the answers given by me and by the lady doctor, simultaneously.

You surmise that for each customer a nadi-leaf is written out by the astrologer must be correct. The proof of this surmise is this:

Originally, there were only 3600 nadi-leaves on which some predictions were written by some fellow. These predictions were divided in 12 kandams, and written on 12 separate leaves, thus the apparent stock of leafs rose to 43,200. Some more kandams were added (such as parihar etc.) and the stock increased accordingly.

The "catch - 22" is this: If the names of clients are written on the leaves, then the, stock of 3600 leaves will be exhausted in a year.

You will ask me from where I brought the 3600. The answer is this:

The rashi-chakra has 360 degrees in it. Each degree is divided in 1/10 part. Each part required 24 seconds to rise on the horizon. Astrologers believe that each part has a specific astrological significance and therefore the time-slot of 24 seconds in which the part comes up on the eastern horizon produces specific "phalam." This phalam is described and written in a detailed prediction. The number of time-slots in 24 hours duration is 3600. Therefore there is an equal number of predictions for a day. The rashi-chakra makes one rotation in 24 hours and same thing is repeated next day.

The Shukra-nadi recognises a smaller time-slot of 6 seconds, and 1/40th part of rashi-chakra. Predictions for time-slots of 6 seconds are supposed to have been made by the astrologer who prepared shukra-nadi. The number of predictions becomes four time 3600, i.e. 14,400. Practically speaking, the number of written predictions can not be more than figure of 14,400. Each prediction is spread over 16 or 18 kandams and thus the stock of palm leaves rises to about two lakhs. If some one tells you that there are lakhs and lakhs of nadi-leaves in any nadi-astrologers stock, then be sure that he is bluffing. It is theoretically impossible as well as practically impossible too. Why? Because no one can record the time of birth with an accuracy of plus/minus 6 seconds. Then what is the use of having such minuscule time-slots for making predictions?

So your surmise is correct: If personal details are found written, on a nadi-leaf, in that case be sure that the leaf, is not, more than few-hours-old or at least the writing is not more old than that. The leaf may appear very old because it has received some chemical treatment that's all.

EDITOR'S COMMENT: They also have stocks of palm leaves' kept ready some time back to look old. To look old if one keeps them in the kitchen smoke for the onlooker it seems old.

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