M. S. Risbud, 2 Vasavil, 2101 Sadashiv Peth, Pune 411 030 (Maharashtra) 23.5.1996

I am thankful to you for publishing my letter in the May 1996 number of your magazine. The Andhashraddha Nirmulan Samiti sent its investigator to Madras in March 1996. He did excellent work and found out the 'secret' about the so-called uncanny power of the Nadi astrologers of knowing the past history of the clients. He secretly used a tape-recorder and recorded the hundreds of questions put to him by the Nadi-readers. It is through this skilful questioning that the Nadi-readers come to know all the past- and present-history of the client. The ANS has published a very detailed article in its magazine "Vartapatra" May 1996 which covers all the experiences of that investigator Shri Omkar Patil. We expected from you this kind of information. Your article merely makes a veiled suggestion that the person who took you (and the lady doctor) to the Nadi-astrologer at Salem may have divulged all the past details about yourself and about the lady-doctor also. But this manner of getting information can be of no use in the case of most clients. Your article does not make any reference to the hundreds of queries that are made by the Nadi-reader. Therefore your article was not of any help to me. The two points that I have made out in my article are quite different from what you have written in your article. I have not caught any point from your article. It is Sri Omkar Patil who has caught the point.

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