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The hoax of Nadi jyotisham is completely exposed by following two facts:

1. Nadi jyotisham has nothing to do with ancient maharshis. Ordinary People like our present day astrologers have written Bhrigu Samhita and the Nadi Granthas, The evidence is provided by the use of Nirayan Rashis in these works, These rashis were not-used in astrology before the 4th and 5th century of Shaka calendar,

2. The Nadi strip which is searched out for any particular customer is exclusively meant for that customer. Once it is read out to him, it becomes a dead letter, it cannot be used for any other person. But the curious fact is that such used strips are replaced in the bundle from where it was taken out! Now we know that every day at least 25 customers get their strips read out in any busy Nadi-nilayam. Therefore, 25 x 300 days (in ore year = 7500 strips become defunct, in one year alone. As we know, the predictions of each person are written on 12 seperate strips, each strip being used for one kandam. Consequently, in one year. 7500x12 = 90,000 strips become useless for future use, but all the same they are put in the same bundles as before. Imagine that each year 90 thousand useless strips are added to the old stock, so what must have happened in just last 50 years? The total stock of any Nadi centre can never be more than a couple of lakhs. That obviously proves that the Nadi readers use the same meagre stock over and over again! The fraud is so obvious that no further proof is needed to prove it.

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