(Explains tricks behind 150 miracles of famous gurus)

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An Interview with the Author by Shinie Antony

Preface - Dr. P. M.- Bhargava

Chapter I

Science versus Miracles

Hand Movement conceals Finger Movement

Creating holy ash - Sai Baba Style

Sleight of Hand

Making a match box disappear and appear

Astha Siddhis through sponge balls

Chapter II

Illusion of Senses

You are not a able to catch a not when another person lets it drop

Optical Illusions

Binocular Vision - The combined efforts of both eyes is responsible for seeing a hole in your hand

Illusion of floating finger with nails at both ends in between your two fingers

Illusion of Hearing

Focus sound waves and produce an illusion

Illusion of brushing when you are touching

Illusion of Taste

Sugar cubes or salt crystals are tasteless

Odd things happen to your taste buds

Tasting any sweet you like best

Illusion of Smell (Olfactory Illusion)

Making each volunteer smell the soap he uses

Illusions of Touch (Tactile Illusions)

One marble rolled with crossed index and middle finger seem to be two marbles

Feeling the disc on the head even when it has been removed

One feels the coin on his forehead even when it is removed

Subjective Experiments not a proof for miracles

Chapter II

Evolution of God - Ideas

Chapter IV

The Early Miracles

Fire on the Body

The body does not get burnt when you move fire over it.

Walking on red hot coals without the feet getting burnt

Burning Camphor on the Hand and Waving it in Front of the Idol without Apparent Injury

Burning Camphor on one's palm and then eating the fire without getting burnt

The tongue or fingers will not burn when you extinguish a lighted cigarette

Holding a hot metal ball on your palm without getting burnt

Dipping your finger in boiling oil without getting burnt

Frying poories in boiling oil and taking them out by hand

A Naga Baba Lifts 35kg Stone on the Foreskin of his Penis

Lemons are stitched on to the skin without pain or blood

Hanging a person by hooks on the back of his body

Pulling a chariot with hooks on the back of his body

Pulling an ambassador car with hooks on the bodies of two volunteers

No pain or blood when the tongue or cheek is pierced with a sharp needle or trident

Piercing the tongue, neck, heart and cheeks without pain, or blood or death

Standing on two swords without the feet getting cut

Two nails are inserted in the nostrils an hammered in

Sleeping on a bed of nails and making people walk on you without any harm

Volunteer made to lie on two chairs without any support in the middle and a heavy person is made to stand on him

Chapter V

Miracles in Religion


Transforming a rod into a snake and then back to a rod

Christianity - New Testament

Transformation of water to wine

Multiplying food

Virgin Mary sheds real tears

Idols of Hindu gods and goddesses weep

Islam Miracles

Four Volunteers lift 70kg boulder on their index fingers without feeling its weight

Four Volunteers lift a person weighing more than 70 kg and up to 150kg on their finger-tips

Chapter VI

Patanjali Yoga Sutras and the Siddhis (Supernatural Powers)

The AUM symbol burns without the paper getting burnt

AUM - Explanation of the Mantra

Stopping the pulse

Stopping the heart-beat

Increasing the body temperature


A yogi levitating

Levitation at Red Fort, New Delhi

Yogic Live Burial in a Pit under Samadhi

Yogic Burial

Live burial of head in a pit in Shrishasana

Walking on Water

Hata Yogi's other tricks

A thread is put in one nostril and taken out through the other

Eating glass

Drinking Nitric Acid

Chapter VIII

How Christianity Came to India

Water sent to heaven

Producing Ganges water from an empty vessel

How Africans Became Christians

Catching a bullet in the mouth when fired

Hindu Miracles

Producing Ganges Water from hands or beard

Idols appearing by themselves from earth as Swayambhu

Red feet of Goddess on cloth

Satya Sai Baba's Miracles

Things out of an empty bag

Throwing flowers on the ground which forms into letters "Sai Baba"

Creating necklace from nowhere

Producing lockets, talismans, medals, rings etc.

Producing Akshata (coloured rice)

Flower petals transformed into lockets, toffee etc.

Nectar, honey, oil etc., flowing from the photographs of Satya Sai Baba

Producing larger objects from sand

Holy ash from an empty wooden vessel

Shiva Linga emerging from the mouth

Stone into sugar candy

Producing a copious flow of water from a small vessel

Water does not fall from a glass when covered by a paper and inverted

Water does not spill out from a narrow necked bottle when it is inverted

Chapter IX

Miracles of other Godmen, Psychics and Tantriks

Transformation of mud into haldi and haldi into kumkum

Ash from coins

Fire by mental power

Breaking coconuts on the head without fibre

Breaking a coconut by sprinkling water

Your questions appear on paper when it is dipped in milk

Ringing a bell without its rod

Joining two jute threads without a knot

Making flowers bow down

Burning a ghost

Flowers come out of coconut when it is broken

Poltergeist phenomena: Hutments catch fire suddenly

Cloths kept in cupboard, or hung out to dry, suddenly catch fire

A sea-shell turns on a stick when holy water is sprinkled on it

Lighting candles by prayers

Lighting candles by simply touching them

Smoke from one's fingers

Burning cloth and restoring it

Ghostly fires at night

Predicting questions through your ears

Answers to your problems appear on paper when it is immersed into water

Preparing tea with fire made on the head

Creating fruits which people ask for

Cooking rice in cold water

Cloth does not burn when lit

A metal ring hangs by a thread even after the thread is burnt

Spirit Phenomena

A Spirit levitating a table

Photographing the dead spirit

Spirit photographs

A picture of Satya Sai Baba appears when you blow on a ring, a locker or a glass plate

Uri Geller - The Psychic

Bending, twisting and breaking spoons by psychic power

Restarting watches and timepieces which have stopped working

Predicting the words of the line of a news paper column where it is cut

Curing the lame, blind, deaf and dumb

Picking the card which you have selected with X-Ray powers

Telling the card while blind folded

Hypnotising the whole audience with a pack of cards

Psycho-Kinetic power proved with a pack of cards

Blessing a childless couple with a child

A vessel with rice rises up when a knife is inserted in the vessel

Moving objects by mental power

Moving fruits and other objects by psychic power

Eating hot chillies

Piercing a balloon without it bursting

Burning water with psychic power

When you spit fire bursts out

God's name appears on the body when ash is rubbed on

Magic tattooing

Telling a number, or the name of any flower a person thinks of

God's spirit on a wick

Spirit within a coconut

Eagle appearing at 12 noon in a temple

Natural gas burning without crude oil catching fire

lashing with a whip without getting hurt

Catching the thief by sorcery

Cutting the body with a knife

Another way of cutting the body with a knife

Hot electrical soldering iron on the hand

When the tantrik spits on saw dust it bursts into flames

The oracle gets possessed and blows out sparks and flames from his mouth

Telling the number a person thinks

Reading a message in a sealed cover

Overcoming pain while burning your finger

Leaping on broken glass

Sleeping on thorns

The tantrik gives devotees a miracle amulet which becomes hot and produces holy ash

Licking a red-hot poker

Goddess drinks blood

A person dies, when a doll's head is twisted

Psychic surgery

Curing jaundice by psychic power

Shakuntala Devi - Human computer

Ideomotor Response

The pendulum moves in circle or a straight line when you concentrate on a circle or a straight line

Water divining by Y shaped branch of a tree

Working of the planchet board

Chapter X

National Integration and Socialism

National Integration

Socialism demonstrated

Chapter XI

Man Created God in His Image

God is a puppet in the hands of the priests

Chapter XII


After Word

The Challenge

Indian Committee for Scientific Investigation of Claims of the Paranormal - Objective

The International Committee and other National Committees in the World

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