The Miraculously Disapearing Video

Sorry! The video files have turned out to be unplayable on most computers, so we have removed them. It turned out, that you have a good chance to play the files, if you own a Mac and copy them to the hard-disk to play them from there. We plan to make the files available again, but you have to download them on your own risk. We can not garantee, that they turn out to be viewable.

If you should have problems getting the stills, disable the "Autoload Image"-Option in your browser and load the pictures manually. One of our server unfortunately encounters problems with too many requests at once.

Although the video made by Doordarshan showing Sai Baba's technique of supernatural materialisation dematerialised supernaturally we luckely had the oportunity to get a copy of it before it ceased to ever have existed. Unfortunately the quality is not very good but it should serve to have some unwanted first hand insight.
If you want to have a look by yourself on the video, we offer various options here depending on the bandwidth available on your system: You can choose among

If you haven't already read it, you can download here a short explanation of the trick in the video. If you want a copy of the tape you can get it for 10US$ including air mail.

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Last update: 1 March 1999