A Challenge to Pilot Baba

By B. Premanand

I refer to the news in SUN of 3-12-1977, which describes the under-ground samadhi of swami Satyamurti. Though he was to be under-ground for 10 days from 5 pm, 19-10-1977 to 5 pm, 29-10-197the evening of 27-10-1977, two days ahead of the schedule and his explanation was that light gave way to darkness. It was said in the news report that came to a wrong conclusion that suspension of breathing may be the answer to longevity and the ultimate conquest of his heart movement and body temperature were kept under observation and it was noted that the yogi's heart stopped beating and minimum body temperature came down from 37 to 26C. From 10 am on October 21st i.e. after 7,he came out on 41 hours of the under ground samadhi. As he was not in a glass cabin, the experiment was not a fraud-proof one, as it couldnot be verified whether the swami was meddling with the instruments. The yogic experts claimed that the swami merely controlled his heart impulses from his brain. Dhirendra Brahmachari death!

On October 20th, 1980, Pilot Baba held a religious tamasha of underground samadhi by Khareshwari Baba for 10 days, along with a conference on Vedanta and Ramayana to be followed by a "Panchkundi" Gayatri mahayajna. Lakhs of rupees were collected by Pilot Baba for this. Khareshwari Baba was lowered into a pit of 10 feet deep and 3.5 feet square which could contain only 122.5 cubic feet of air, less the swami's body. On the 10th day, when the pit was opened, the body of the baba had decomposed as he had died of dehydration, as the maximum time he could have survived in the pit was less than 24 hours unless Pilot Baba had arranged fresh air supply by some method into the pit.

Swami Satyamurti, on 1981, April 15th, again went into underground samadhi in a pit of 15 feet x 8 feet x 8 feet. which would hold 960 cubic feet of air less the volume of the body of the swami when he enters the pit. This time he was intelligent enough to carry a pot of water, so that he did not die of dehydration. On normal condition the maximum he could remain in the pit was only 7 days. As he did not deduct the volume of his body from the total volume of the pit, here also he had to come out of the pit 3 hours earlier.

To Mr. Kapil Adwaitya Alias Mahayogi Pilot Baba,

President, of World Peace Campaign,

(Akhil Vishwa Shanti Sansthan),

Regd. No.12921

An International Institute of Yoga and Peace,

G-70, Paschimvihar, New Delhi - 110 063.

Dear Kapila Adwaitya, alias Pilot Baba 15-4-1988

I am giving these newspaper reports in the end of this latter. You know very well that you murdered Khareshwari Baba in 1980 by forcebly lowering him in the underground pit when he was a deaf, dumb and blind person. I do not know whether you had arranged fresh air supply clandestinely, but it was not fool-proof and also may be, you did not know that there ought to have been an exhaust also, when only fresh air can get filled in the pit dispersing out equal quantity of contaminated air in the pit. Moreover, you did not know the body science that the maximum a person can survive without water is only 5 days, as dehydration will take place. You know Vinobaji died on the 5th day after he stopped taking water. The death of Khareshwari Baba was a brutal murder by you with the connivance of the government officials and the organisers of your show.

After reading about your underground samadhi for 72 hours from 11th to 14th February 1988, in the news papers, in a pit of 9' x 9' x 9', i.e. 729 cubic feet, wherein you could have easily stayed for 7 days (less volume of your body I am happy that you took precaution of remaining in the pit only for half the time), I demonstrated this under-ground samadhi in West Bengal in March, 1988, where I had given more than 50 lectures on Science and Miracles, at the Universities, Colleges and public places. We had made a pit of 6' x 3' x 3', i.e. 54 cubic feet, less the volume of the body of the person, wherein that person could have stayed for 6 hours, he remained in the pit for 3 hours only. We demostrated this trick the same way you do. First the pulse was checked, and then stopped. Then the person was made to sleep and he became stiff like a dead body. The body in this stiff condition was carried by three persons to the pit and lowered, and after closing the pit with a wooden plank or a metal sheet, the top was closed with earth. He remained underground for a period of 3 hours. Then the pit was opened and the body taken out in the same stiff condition and doctors were asked to feel his pulse and they certified that there was no pulse. Then, to revive him, his body and heart was massaged and the whole audience were in suspense, wondering whether the person was dead and whether he could be revived to life, when he jumps up with a loud shriek and explains that it was all a drama and trick.

In your press conference at Nagpur on 8-2-1988, you had claimed the following:

  1. That spiritual powers can solve the myriad problems faced by humanity.
  2. That one can attain this power through sadhana.
  3. That during samadhi, you can either keep your consciousness within or without your body.
  4. That you can control your heart beats and pulses and for that matter any function of your body.
  5. That you have received gallantry awards for your service in IAF.
  6. That on 13-2-1988, your disciple Swami Sadhanand issued a press note that you have accepted the challenge of living in an air tight glass cabin for specific period. That this was already done in Delhi, Ranchi and Lucknow.
  7. The Indian post of 15-2-1988 has mentioned that earlier in a press conference you had claimed that you can stop your heart, walk on water and take samadhi in a raging fire.
  8. You also told the reporters that you were a science student and former army man and would not run away from any challenge.
  9. In the press release by your organisers, you had informed that when you go into samadhi, you suspend all functions of your body and mind, and establish yourself in your real being i.e, soul. That one can prolong the duration of samadhi through sadhana. Because of this state, it does not matter if the samadhi is taken underground or in water or in a glass cabin.

Your above claims bring forward the following questions:

  1. When you are in samadhi, you suspend all your body functions, your heart stops working, the blood flow stops, the brain stops working and you are dead as per the medical science except that you are in your real being ie. soul, and you keep your consciousness within or without your body. If this is true, then when you were in underground samadhi, you had suspended all your body functions including heart beat, blood flow and the brain for 72 hours. Then why did you want a pit of 9' x 9' x 9' to go into underground samadhi?
    You could have very well gone into underground samadhi in a coffin of the same size as your body, lowered in a pit and then filled with earth and sealed. You have confirmed this in the press release that it does not matter if the samadhi is taken underground or in water or in an air tight glass cabin. Now do you agree to prove this?
  2. Can you explain what all myriad problems facing humanity can be solved by spiritual powers?
  3. When you claim that one could attain spiritual powers through sadhana, is this statement made after your own experience? As you have claimed to have done sadhana for 7 years in Pindari glaciers and you sustained only on milk for that period, please explain how much milk you were consuming daily and whether you are still on the same diet. Did you not drink water? If your diet is different now, then what is your present diet and the quantity?
  4. If you have attained spiritual powers, please explain the spiritual powers you have attained by your 7 years of sadhana. Are they the 64 minor siddhis and 8 special siddhis as explained in Patanjali Yoga Darshana which a person acquires when his Kundalini Shakti starts rising? Or anything more?
  5. You have claimed that you are an enlightened person having gone into samadhi. Being an enlightened person, you will not find it difficult to reply to the questions. So please explain what you mean by keeping your consciousness within or without your body.
  6. What is the sadhana to be practiced to attain the spiritual powers you talk about?
  7. Which year, and what gallantry award did you receive for your service in IAF and from whom?
  8. Can you prove by records that you have already lived in an air tight glass cabin at Delhi, Ranchi and Lucknow? Can you send me the press coverage on this?
  9. When you are in samadhi your heart beat stops. So when you were in underground samadhi at Nagpur, your heart beat had stopped for 3 days. Then it would be very easy for you to be in samadhi for 10 minutes and prove that you can stop your heart beats for 10 minutes. Then why did you not prove this to the Andhashraddha Nirmulan Samiti at the press conference or when you came out of the underground samadhi?
  10. In your conference you had claimed that you can control any function of your body. Can you control the formation of urine in the urinary bladder when you are in samadhi?

You also claimed ability to walk over water and go into samadhi in a raging fire by spiritual powers. I would be very happy to observe these feats if you will permit me to do so even at Delhi and fix up a date and time and give me 30 days time to meet you. It can be in May 1988. And if you can prove them to me by stopping your breath for 10 minutes, heart beat for 10 minutes, going underground samadhi in an air tight glass chamber of the size of your body for 3 days, and go into Jala samadhi (samadhi under water), walk over water, be in samadhi in a raging fire, and show that you have spiritual powers to stop all functions of your body, I have no hesitation to become your follower as wanted by you in the press conference. I hope to hear from you within a month of receipt of this letter, or we will be forced to take action against you under the MRTP Act and Magical Remedies Act.

Yours in Search of miracles,

B. Premanand.

Press Release by K.B.Sanghi et al.

Press Note by Akhil Bharatiya Andhashradha Nirmulan Samitee

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