Sai Baba Caught Faking on Video

by B. Premanand

from Indian Skeptic Vol. 8 No. 1, 15.5.1995 p45

Many have sent Rs. 200/- towards the Satya Sai Baba exposure cassette along with my film explaining miracles As my cassette explaining miracles has been destroyed, I am waiting for a new copy on "UMATIC" and as soon as I get it, the copy will be posted to those who have sent Rs. 200/-. There is no need to remind me of this.

Regarding the Sai Baba cassette, even children are able to see the trick. After the lecture, Sai Baba goes to the side of the stage when Radhakrishna (the aide of SSB / who was murdered on 6.6.1993 because of the mistake he had committed in handing over the gold necklace to the left hand instead of right hand of Sai Baba) brings a memento for presenting it to the chief of Larsen & Turbo who had built the Kalyanamandapam. While handing over the memento to Satya Sai Baba, Radhakrishna hands over the gold chain to SSB`s left hand instead of the right hand. After presenting the memento Sai Baba walks back to the centre of the stage, Shows his right hand empty while his left hand is closed, then walks again to the side of the stage, while, Srinivasan hands over the 2nd memento to Sai Baba. When the architect comes near to Sai Baba to receive the memento, watch Sai Baba`s right hand moving towards his left hand and transferring the gold chain to the right hand, then immediately after handing over the memento still keeping the right hand near left hand, he moves his right hand and produces the gold chain as if he had created it. This portion of the film has been rerecorded four times so that it is not necessary for the viewer to rewind the same.

Some stills from the video are now available online.

Another video concerning another sleight of hand fake.

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