About Sai Baba and other self-proclaimed Godmen

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Berry Beyerstein on Sai Baba (Book Review)


Godmen by Harry Edwards

Heaven's gate by Herman de Tollenaere

It hurts - feelings on leaving a cult by Jan Groenveld (also see Siddha Yoga below)

Ma Momeera the experiences of cult victims by [email protected]

Maharishi Mahesh Jogi (link to trancenet)

more on Gurus (via Steven A. Hassan's homepage)

Sahaja Joga - Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi (ex-members' site)

Sai Baba by Harry Edwards

Sai Baba by Herman de Tollenaere

Sai Baba himself (collection of various links)

Sai Baba and the Gold Control Act (Book Review)

Sai Baba caught faking (Info on Video)

Science versus Miracles by B. Premanand

Siddha Yoga - an open letter (link to Arianna Lindemann's White Lotus more about Dharma Center) more about Siddha Yoga

Uri Geller by Richard Feynman

Uri Geller Caught by Massimo Polidoro

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